Why Should Millenials Buy Real Estate?

So, I’m in Tucson and were checking out with my kid’s private school today. We’re taking them out here to see the Rock and Gem show. But today I’m taking my boys and were checking out like this… this airplane museum. Man! These things are so cool and inspiring. The engineering, it’s incredible. But listen, I’m here to talk to you today about these Millennials because people peg them wrong. Did you know that 38% of all homes purchased were actually bought by Millenials?

The Millennials currently are making up like one of the most critical housing market sectors. And guess what? Just from what I know about this channel, the majority of people that watch and subscribe are Millennials. So, you better watch out. They’re making a huge impact and here’s what its gonna mean for wealth building in the future. Why would I want to own a rental? And I’ll tell you what right now, you don’t. The rental space is going to shoot to the roof. It’s interesting because its been forecasted over the next decade that homeownership in the United States which once used to be at 70% has now dropped to the mid-60s. And over the next decade, there are a lot of Millennials that are not interested in owning real estate.

And with such a big population of baby boomers dying off. Were gonna see that percentage drop in the low 50s. That means the single-family real estate sector space and I’m operating in that, I’ve done a billion dollars worth that deals in… are about to get way bigger and more important because the rental space is gonna shoot through the roof. How is that going to impact rental rates? Well, they’re going to increase with less ownership, and more people preferring renting more of a transitory or more mobility in their life. And right now the millennials that are not ignoring that they’re actually buying real estate.

Let me tell you this, every single day I have dozens of people that watch this channel and the message me and say, Hey, Chris I want you to select me as your next partner. And guess what? Its almost always a millennial, who has figured out how to come up with some amount of money and they want to get in the game and they want the financial freedom that I have. Back in a recent survey, they showed that the average millennial household income ranges between 71,000and 101,000 dollars. Millennials are not without means. In fact, this is weird. I turned 40 this year and the majority of my partners, the majority like 90% of them are younger than me. It’s just, its crazy for me to fathom that right now. And those are the people that I actually helping right now become financially free. Dude, here’s the bottom line.

Millennials that are getting in the game, you’re being smart and you’re crushing it. Youll make more wealth over time by holding real estate than any of our stock markets, 401ks, or anything like that. But with so many other Millennials that are opting out of it. It’s a great time for you to make the choice to own twice as much, three times as much, four times as much real estate. And for those of you they’re like, Okay, Chris I can see buy my own house, but why would I want to own a rental? And I’ll tell you what right now, you don’t. You want to actually own real estate in the best market where you can get bulk.

I take my millennial friends and I can us all together and we go buy a whole load of real estate. And then what we do is I get group discounted rates on renting it out so it becomes a lot cheaper and were actually exercising way more cash flow. It’s awesome, it’s working great. In fact, I recently published my latest book that is all about my track record on my last billion dollars worth of a real estate.

There’s a link below click it and I’ll actually send it in the mail to you. So you can read up on the strategy or jam with my team to learn more about it. Because the bottom line is this, Millennialswhen we come together to go out there we freaking kill it. Because here’s the bottom line, Millennials coming together and purchasing real estate is one of the smartest things that you can do. Understand the trends that I’ve shared with you, of what’s happening over the course of the next decade. It will not only be and remain one of the smartest investments, but it’s only going to get better because of how the economic climate is shifting.

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